Bookline & Thinker Novel Writing Competition

Well I’ve done it! I’ve entered a novel writing competition with Hoodwin, the big project I’m working on at the moment. I’m fairly nervous. I think it was a really good excercise, whatever the outcome, since I had to write a synopsis which meant I had to sit down and figure what is actually going to happen. Plus I had to vigorously edit the first 10,000 words of the story (it currently stands about 20,000 – in terms of your average novel I should be a quarter of the way though the story now) for the submission.

The first prize is an actual publishing contract. This would, of course, be absolutely wonderful. The only drawback is that if I do win (massive, massive ‘if’) then the final draft of the novel has to be in in June. That would mean putting a bit of a rush on it.

But I shall cross that incredibly unlikely bridge should I ever wander up to it.

Fingers crossed in the mean time.

I should post some of the big project on here soon; I would be pleased to know what everyone thinks.

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