There’s Hope for Us All

Every writer, newbie or veteran, I suspect is sometimes plagued by doubt and has days where they find it hard to maintain faith in their abilites. I suspect on one level it is probably better than believing you have nothing left to learn, but I have first hand experience of how unpleasant and even damaging it can be.

I know I particularly worry about finding a voice and style. This blog post, ‘What a Million Words will Get You’ ,by T. James Moore went a long way to reassuring me. I strongly recommend a read.

 Like with nearly everything in life that’s worth having, it takes work, time and dedication. It’s all about experience. And if you are serious about your writing you will never stop grabbing great handfuls of the stuff. I shall carry on my path and put aside my doubts. I will have faith that everything will come in time, if I never let up and make sure I write my million.

Thanks, T. James Moore!

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