Fellow Apprentices…We Are Not Alone!

I have just read a very interesting and encouraging blog post by Kristen Lamb which was re-blogged by a very good blogger who I follow called Mandy Eve Barnett.

The post is here, and it’s called The Three Phases of Becoming a Master Author. It sums up very succinctly the journey we all take ourselves on when we decide to become a writer and the things we go through when we are dedicated and want to learn and improve.

On some level, I already felt the ideas behind what she says, but had never quite thought how to express it so succinctly and it is always a reassurance to know other writers go along similar journeys.

It is good to never stop learning, to never stop striving to improve. I am looking forward to reaching the stage she describes where I have worked hard at being ‘good’ for so long that it becomes instinct. I hope to arrive at this one day, but even if I never do (as Kristen points out, only a handful of very gifted/determined/lucky people will reach this stage) you can never give up hope and never let the process grind you down.

Think what you are striving for, be confident, and just keep going ๐Ÿ™‚ We can’t help but get somewhere if we never stop trying.

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