Something Brilliant this way Comes

I discovered another writer on the blogosphere today through a post by fellow writer and writing enthusiast D. James Fortescue. D. James says that reading this writer’s work is ” almost like Pringles; once you start, you can’t stop.” And boy, were they right.

The writer is H. K. Abell and the blog is entitled The Weltschmerz Collection. I have spent today devouring the back catalogue of Short Stories posted on the blog and I was blown away. This is my favourite sort of writing. As the title suggests, the work is dark, bleak, dry but humorous and inescapably engaging. There’s also just the right amount of other-worldliness mixed in give the fiction a flavour that I love.

I particularly recommend Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before, John Milton, You Son of a Bitch and The Last Story. The Last Story, in particular, was mesmerising. I’m hard pressed to think of another writer or voice I have discovered and enjoyed as much in recent times. I strongly urge you to check it out, especially if you are a fan of fiction with a healthy does of dark.

I have a new benchmark.

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14 Responses to Something Brilliant this way Comes

  1. H. Ken Abell says:

    Reblogged this on The Weltschmerz Collection and commented:
    I wish I could describe the feeling of elation that this brings me (and you know, if I’m half as good as you say I am, I really should be able to, don’t you think?) But I am flabbergasted and trembling with pride, joy, and at a loss as to best express my appreciation. Thank you so much. I guess I better keep writing.

  2. D. James Fortescue says:

    Thank you for the mention. I am glad to have helped at least one more pair of eyes discover HKA’s work =)

  3. H. Ken Abell says:

    You couldn’t have known this, but I am a huge fan of Mac.. er.. That Scottish Play… as well as a big Ray Bradbury fan. Something Wicked This Way Comes scared the hell out of me as a child, both the book and the wonderful film starring Jason Robards and a young Jonathan Pryce as the deliciously evil Mr. Dark.

    • jcollyer says:

      I must have felt it! There is something Bradbury-esque about the stories thinking back on it. I am not aware of that book, I shall have to look it up!

      • H. Ken Abell says:

        My “From The Ashes” Story was my long overdue tribute to Fahrenheit 451, undoubtedly my favourite book of all time.
        Along with Bradbury, my biggest influences are really Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, stuff like that — and Stephen King, of course. My favourite short story of all time, though, is probably Sandkings, by George R.R. Martin (yup, the Game of Thrones guy) — it’s absolutely brilliant, and you should probably be able to find it on epub or something — I highly recommend it — it’s the first story I read and thought “THIS! THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO!” I was twelve at the time, and I still want to do it.

      • jcollyer says:

        Stephen King is one of the writers I know I’ve got to get onto and soon. His fiction I know is a cornerstone and his book On Writing is also supposed to be an excellent guide for apprentices like me. I’m not generally drawn to out-and-out horror, but I do like dark, dangerous and twisted 🙂 I think I would like the Dark Tower series. I read a short story by him once that was a depiction of hell. I forget what it was called but basically the person kept reliving their death and the events leading up to it over and over, forever. It was quite unsettling and amazing. I shall certainly check out that short story by George R R Martin. I have been following GoT on TV but haven’t been reading them on purpose because I’m enjoying not knowing what happens next (that last episode…oh my!) But I’m getting off topic! I have read other works of George R R Martin though so I know I like his style. I shall seek it out, thanks so much! I enjoyed From the Ashes very much, but then I’ve enjoyed everything of yours I’ve read so far. I know you’ve got some longer works too, I’m working my way round to them 🙂 I think a sci-fi novel may have to be your next project, if you felt so inclined 😀 I would be excited to read it.

  4. Gwen says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll stop there next to check it out!

  5. D. James Fortescue says:

    Apologies for interjecting, but I would recommend ‘The Dark Tower’ series and ‘The Stand’, should you seek out Stephen King’s work. If you haven’t read DT, a new book was recently written and is set between books 4 and 5. An 8 book series will keep you well-read for a good while =)

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