Getting Sorted

Thanks to the combined efforts of fellow writers/bloggers D. James Fortescue and H. K. Abell I have been inspired to not only step up the quality of my writing but also to tinker with the layout of my blog.

I tend to post about writing more than I post actual writing. This is because my main WIP The Road Elsewhere is a somewhat epic undertaking (still drafting and at 85,000 words and counting) so whenever I have time to write I tend to dedicate it to this and it is nowhere near of a standard ready to be read. I still make time to blog becuase I find it helps me confront the challenges I encounter along the way, it keeps my motivation up and it’s great to maintain contact with such a dedicated writing community.

However, it does mean that it has been quite some time since I have written and posted short fiction.

Discovering great blogs has made me remember how much fun it is to read other people’s fiction and that maybe people who like to read writers’ blogs also like to get a chance to sample their work.  H. K. Abell’s work in particular reminded me of the sort of short fiction I have written in the past (though mine is not to the same standard) and made me want to tidy up my blog so that it was easier to access should anyone fancy sampling my work.

The level to which I enjoyed some of this fiction has also made me wonder if I have become less daring in my writing. My current projects seem a lot tamer than the sort of voice I used to write with and the subject matters I used to tackle. Maybe there’s a reason I changed, maybe this tone wouldn’t suit TRE. Or maybe it’s time to dial up the dark again.

But that is a musing for another time.

Either way, I have created two new pages that contain the links to all the short fiction I have posted on here over the years and also the novel excerpts from what will eventually be a sci-fi novel, or a couple of sci-fi novels, once I had TRE out of my system.

Please feel free to have a nose around and I hope you enjoy! (Also, a big shout out to D. J. Fortescue once more who trawled through my back catalogue like a trooper without the aid of handy links and posted very kind and encouraging comments)

Short Fiction

Novel Excerpts

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