Something Worth Checking Out

I’m still beavering away at the draft for the project I have a deadline for but I still find it useful to not completely severe all ties with the world, keep your hand in and good to keep perspective.

Besides, if something does come of this big project, it can never do any harm to have other strings on your bow for when promotion time comes around!

I’d highly recommend checking out Interfictions Online. They are an online writing website with fiction, non-fiction, poetry, the lot. It looks like they have just put up their first issue and I find them very intriguing. They look to be a mix, and I mean a mix of everything. In fact, they encourage unusal mixes of genre, medium, anything. They also accept submissions and don’t charge and PAY for anything they publish.

I’ve already submitted once piece of my short fiction and may submit another as a lot of the short stories I write tend to be a bit weird and bipolar.

Check them out for all the proper details and here are details about how to submit.

We’ve all got stuff a little weird and wonderful. Let it loose. What is there to lose? 🙂

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