Book Review: “Happy Hour at the Misery Bar” Sean L. Marco – poetry collection

ImageSean L. Marco’s debut collection is an emotive and sharp collection of work. It has the potent tang of youth combined with passion about it. It is introspective and, as you would expect from the title, the tone is dark and meaty with plenty of food for thought.

My favourite aspect about this debut collection is the use of language, which is truly beautiful at times. All good poetry makes a point of its language and the style adopted by Sean provides tantalising moments of understanding padded out with thought-provoking imagery which takes you off to interesting places within yourself.

Some of my favourite sections are:

From Parched:

Today –
Rhyme has been ruined
Like so much rust
Aching on brave red lips.
Decayed, praying
For some naked dream
To resuscitate –
The elderly flicker behind
Its defeated eyes.

And from I’m Fine:

This is the silver season of the lonely spark
Where madness comes out to play,
In black sun treason so dark –
That I fade, awaiting another day.

Definitely worth a read. It will be interesting to see how this writer develops in the future.

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