Want to Be Interesting on Facebook? Let Followers See Oz

Some great advice for when you get to the stage of wanting to promote yourself

Kristen Lamb's Blog

This week, I am taking a much-needed break, but I am leaving you in VERY capable hands. Hey, who do you think taught me to love and ROCK Facebook? One of the biggest fears we all have when getting on Facebook is we will bore our audiences to death. We feel the need to be clever and interesting at all times. Yeah, not necessary, so breathe….

Lisa is here to help!

One of the most common questions I get asked concerning Facebook is ‘What Do I Post?’

My advice is: ‘Let Them See Oz’

Your content strategy (yes – that dreaded word usually followed by a wide-eyed stare and a writer mumbling, I need a plan? Nobody told me I needed a plan. I’m telling you – you need a plan) must be varied, and there are a few key components to it – but something readers are always looking…

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4 Responses to Want to Be Interesting on Facebook? Let Followers See Oz

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    There be munchkins in that there Facebook post!

    She also did a post on pen names and why they suck… That’s some positive reinforcement right there =P

    • jcollyer says:

      Ha! I think in this modern world of branding and marketing, you are more likely to market well if you make yourself into the product rather than conjouring one out of nothing that will come accross as less substantial. Such is my understanding anyway. I’m still going to use an initial when/if I get anywhere, but I’m happy using my real surname

  2. D. James Fortescue says:

    Now I remember what brought the ‘lions, tigers and bears’ line from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ out of my subconscious! Thanks for kicking my memory banks =)

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