Get it on

I have just recently discovered this rather awesome UK-based writing website Notes From The Underground. They accept unsolicited submissions of fiction, poetry, reportage, non-fiction, you name it.

It looks to be fairly prolific and I have read some of the fiction and have particularly enjoyed it.

Two stories I enjoyed very much:

The Shadow by Rachel Chambers

Wet by Steven Clarkson

I have submitted a short story and have my fingers crossed but the quality is quite high and they have a high volume of submissions so we can but hope.

Check it out though and have a snoop around, there’s all sorts on there. At the very least it’s very inspirational and it’s always good to read good work to keep your motivation up and inspire you.

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2 Responses to Get it on

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I must investigate if a similar thing is being done in my corner of the globe. I hope your submissions are successful =)

    • jcollyer says:

      Thank ooo 😀 there are all sort of fiction websites that accept submissions as far as I can see, but make sure you aim for ones with decent-looking activity/footfall/traffic etc.

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