Just in case you hadn’t noticed…

Just to clarify, as I still have the page labelled as my ‘current project’, The Road Elsewhere is currently on hold whilst I seize an opportunity that has raised with another project.

I still have high hopes for TRE (who knows, maybe a bit of distance will be good) and fully intend to return to it in the future, but for now my efforts and posts will be focussed more on the roller coaster that is this new and shiny ‘current project’.

I *hope* it won’t be too long before I can be more specific with the details of what this is but for now I shall just continue to muse on the challenges and revelations I have along this journey, made all the more intense and exciting by the fact that there is a deadline: the draft has to be done by mid-October.

I have got up to 87,000 words and got about half way through the plot since June so I’m having no problems at all with productivity (especially since joining in with #ProjectAugust which has stumped it up yet another notch). I’m just praying and hoping that I have enough time to get in some polishing, as it is still VERY rough.

I am having so much fun though 🙂 Can’t believe I’ve never pushed myself like this before. I’ve enjoyed writing more than I have over these last few weeks.

Let’s pray it continues! And watch this space for updates 😀

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