#ProjectAugust Update

Earlier in the week I put up  post about my intention to join in with #ProjectAugust (brainchild of K. C. Dyer) which, in short, is a way to get something significant achieved in the month of August.

Most participants seem to hope to get a project (writing or otherwise) done and dusted by the end of the month. The draft I’m working on has an official deadline of mid-October so I’ve set myself a mini-goal to have reached the second plot turn which occurs at around the two-thirds point of most stories for my #ProjectAugust.

The accountability that comes from joining in with something like this is a really useful way to keep your productivity up, I have found. My first #ProjectAugust mini-goal (you set a goal for each week as well as an overall goal to help you break down what you should be doing by when) was to have reached the *first* significant turning point in my plot by today, Saturday 10th.

I’m please do say I managed it! I was already doing well but this week, with this #ProjectAugust mini-goal set I managed 12,000 and have polished off one part of the plot and am ready for the Next Big Thing which will be what precipitates the rest of the story.

By this time next week I want to have finished writing the ‘significant event’ and it’s immediate consequences. Watch this space!

(PS it’s not to late to join in! See K. C. Dyers blog for the official rules or, if you just want to do it for yourself, tweet #ProjectAugust with your mini-goals and progress, (follow me at @JexShinigami if you want to see how I’m doing 🙂 ) or just write down where you want to be by August 31st and a mini-goal for each week, possibly even with tick boxes! All the excitement!)

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2 Responses to #ProjectAugust Update

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Congrats on keeping up the pace. To reach a checkpoint can sometimes seem an ominous Herculean task. Well done =)

    • jcollyer says:

      You are certainly right! I’ve just been motoring on rather rudderlessly until now. It’s not until you actually set specific goals that you really understand how long certain things take. I just need to keep it up now! Thanks again 🙂

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