Good Friday – Tuned To a Dead Channel out today!


My short story ‘Ash’ officially out on the Kindle in Tuned To a Dead Channel – Out Today!

“A Collection of 15 Short Dystopian Science Fiction stories by 11 of the best new authors in the genre.

Vast, terrible future societies where Humans have lost facets of their freedoms are the backdrop for these 15 tales of horror, redemption, and humanity in the face of insurmountable odds.

An essential collection for any fan of the genre, and for anyone who has ever asked the question – “What if?”

What a great day 🙂 The SciFi Anthology put together by Dagda Publishing which features my short story ‘Ash’ is out today! I have myself a copy of the Kindle version and I got to see my short story in all its e-book glory. It was a great feeling.

Tuned To A Dead Channel - Out 20th September!

Tuned To A Dead Channel – E-book out now on Amazon! Paperback available shortly

The anthology Tuned to A Dead Channel is now out to buy in e-book format from amazon and I am assured that paperback will follow, hopefully by the end of today. It’s going to be even more dizzying seeing it in print.

There are zombies, apocolyses, guns, ships…what more could you want for the weekend?

Now, especially with a retreat at Gladstone’s Library planned for next week, I intend to keep the momentum up and hopefully have more news before too long!

Vive La Dystopia!

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10 Responses to Good Friday – Tuned To a Dead Channel out today!

  1. Gwen Stephens says:

    Hey congrats! Love the photo.

  2. Awesome! Cool Kindle cover too! 😉

  3. jcollyer says:

    It’s good isn’t it? 😀 they did a good job!

  4. H. Ken Abell says:

    Very nice! I’m a bit of an odd person — I don’t mind reading books on my iPad (I’m currently reading Shirley Jackson’s “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”) I still prefer paper. I’m ordering this in paperback!

    • jcollyer says:

      Fantastic, thanks so much! I’ve just started reading the other stories in the collection: there are some bloody brilliant ones so far. I’m exceedingly chuffed to be considered good enough to be alongside what I’ve read so far. I hope you enjoy too.

      Is it simple enough to get the paperback overseas then? I’ve had someone tweeting me saying that the link was only compatiable in the UK

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