The Great Escape

As you may well know (as I have mentioned it several times…it’s true I’m rather expectant/excited) tomorrow will see me winging my way (well…public transporting my way) to Hawarden, Flintshire for my writers’ retreat and the inspirational Gladstone’s Library. I simply cannot wait to get there, claim my bench in the Hogwarts-like library work room, or the deep-sofaed, open-fired reading room, and get cracking on my draft.

Not to jinx anything *touch wood* but I am hoping to get the draft I have been working on done by the time I leave on Sunday. I am also hoping to produce some more content for The Path, including a new Flash For Friday since the last one was so much fun.

For tweets on progress, writing tunes, pictures of the wonderful location and much more fun besides, follow me on Twitter @JexShinigami.

And watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers all! Happy writing!

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