Ready, set…write!


Gladetone’s Library

Well, despite the best efforts of British public transport, I have successfully arrived, tired, though largely un-maimed, at Gladstone’s Residential Library, my Writers’ Retreat of choice for two nights and three days of uninterrupted drafting joy. I am checked in, installed in my room and have ventured down to the library to claim my work station for the evening and get cracking.

You could hear a pin drop it’s so peaceful.


My work desk

(Seriously: I have checked my phone is on silent at least four times since sitting down. I am convinced that anything so raucous as a text message tone would be enough to bring the roof in, or at least give the other poor souls engrossed around me a coronary embolism.)

The tune of choice for tonight is Lament for Lost Dreams by A tune and band particularly suited to the tone of the piece I am working on.


The view from my bedroom window. Atmospheric, much?

Watch this space for updates, a shiny new Flash For Friday tomorrow, and (hopefully) some incredibly helpful and insightful posts on the Art of Writing itself.

Enjoy your evening, everyone. And, before I go, do check out this amusing set of memes on Buzzfeed:

30 Awkward Moments from your Creative Writing MFA

Will be thoroughly appreciated by anyone who has studied writing in an academic environment, or indeed anyone who has ever so much as workshopped a piece of writing.

Number 22 in particular is one that brings back memories.


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2 Responses to Ready, set…write!

  1. I hope you’re able to stay away from the internet while you’re there… 😉

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