Well, I’ll be darned


“How may I meet your refreshment needs?”

Recently I posted a piece of flash fiction about a disillusioned armed robber attempting to hold up a coffee shop and being bewildered by the whole affair.

You can read ‘Caffeine Low’ here.

This piece was just meant as a joke, an exaggeration of reality. But then I went to Starbucks the other day and saw this sign on the counter and earned some looks from the server when I creased up laughing.

Apparently ‘Caffeine Low’ was closer to reality than I thought!

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11 Responses to Well, I’ll be darned

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Shows you have your finger on the pulse =)

    Hey, a new initial!

  2. Something tells me that the day is coming when we’ll only have to think “pay” and the coffee is ours. Why is that not a comforting idea? 😉

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