Book review – ‘Redemption Red’ by Delancey Stewart

Redemption Red

Available now on Kindle and in Paperback

I must confess to not having read a lot of Romance, but I was certainly pleasantly surprised by Redemption Red. The main characters, Tyson and Audrey, are wonderfully human, finding something in each other that they could both use to escape their difficult pasts. You can’t help but root for them, despite the trials and tribulations that fate, and each other, set in their way.

Stewart’s language is simple and vibrant: you can see, hear and, most certainly, taste the surroundings. The details included about wine and wine making had me craving a delicious, full-bodied red. I would recommend getting a bottle in for your evening with this book.

Wine is the blood of this story. Both Tyson and Audrey can be compared to Redemption Road Winery’s signature pinot noir: there are moments when it should be handled with care, it needs attention at the right times but you should also know when to let it breathe. But the commitment is worth the reward.

With a varied cast of supporting characters and a rich and wonderfully realised setting, Redemption Red is definitely one for Romance lovers.

For more about Delancy Stewart check out her blog.

Redemption Red is available on Amazon here.

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