The naked launch: Yesterday Road is out today!

Support a great writer and get what promises to be a great book into the deal!


Yesterday Road Cover

The day has finally arrived! Book Launch Tuesday! BLT. I’m hungry already.

Yesterday Road is available now for $2.99 at and at Smashwords, if you prefer EPUB or any other format. It should hit Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and all the usual outlets in a few days.

In the meantime, I stand here now — hat in hand — to ask for your help. For this self-published literary novel to have a chance at finding an audience, nothing will be more necessary or effective than word-of-mouth. Here are a number of things you can do that won’t cost you any more than the $2.99 it takes to grab your own copy of the book:

–Buy Yesterday Road (duh!). Amazon would be great, if you’re the Kindle type, since doing well there can make the book more visible than anywhere else.

–I’m doing a Goodreads event now…

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