Music, books and more

I’d like to start of today’s post by thanking everyone for the overwhelming response to my last #FlashForFriday – my seasonal spook-fest ‘Wasteland’. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed. It was most certainly fun to write! #FlashForFriday will be back on Friday 1st November. Perhaps a bonfire night story if we’re keeping with the seasonal theme?

(Anyone who fancies a nice bit of lunchtime gore, Wasteland can be read here)

But I must not tarry! If writing my latest novel draft has taught me anything it’s that keeping the momentum up works wonders for not only for productivity but for inspiration to. And, as luck would have it, Dagda Publishing have just extended their deadline for submissions for their next Sci-Fi Anthology. I was lucky enough to be featured in the last one Tuned to a Dead Channel and was very excited when I heard they were planning another. If there are any other sci-fi fictioneers out there, the theme for this one is ‘technology gone mad’ (well, how can you help but get ideas?) and the submission guidelines are here.

So that’s the next project. The deadline is the 5th of November so hoping to get that story written early next week to leave time for edits.

I have also started reading a new book, The Black Land by M. J. Wesolowski, which I have been looking forward to getting my hooks into for some time. It is the story of an American business man who purchases an isolated island of the North East coast of England, complete with crumbling castle and, of courses, chooses to ignore the local rumours about the island’s mysterious past. I started it last night and it has not disappointed so far. The atmosphere is already thick enough to gouge pieces out with a machete.

I’d highly recommend checking The Black Land out during this dark and spooky season. Wesolowski is a writer of formidable talent who has had success with his short horror fiction in the past. I read his short North in the Midnight Movie Creature Feature and still feel the chills sometimes.

The Black Land is available on Amazon in both e-book and hardcopy format so if you’re after something suitably creepy, get clicking.

I will post a full review once I have finished and I may even get a chance to interview the writer, if I play my cards right. So watch this space!

Also this week I have started listening to Solitary Experiments’ new album Phenomena. I am blown away. It’s dynamic and atmospheric and I don’t mind telling you it does things to me. This is exactly the sort of music that inspires me and it’s great to write to. An absolute must for EBM fans and a highly recommended suggestion for anyone with any sort of writing to do, but particularly science fiction or otherwise other-worldly.

If you want a taster before checking out teh whole album one of my favourites is Epiphany.

Happy listening/reading/writing, however you are spending your afternoon 🙂

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