Flash Fiction 12 – Missed Days

I was going to produce a new #FlashForFriday for today, but this one by M. C. Dulac was too good not to share. Enjoy 🙂 And if you’re a fan of Flash Fiction, do check out the rest of the blog!

M. C. Dulac


Grace ran down the stairs of her apartment building, almost colliding with the cleaners. They must have come a day early, Grace thought as she nodded and smiled, because they usually came on Tuesdays.

When Grace got to work she realised it was Tuesday. Where had Monday gone?

The week flew past. Grace spent a lot of time updating spreadsheets, walking around the large open-plan office, going to meetings, completing employee satisfaction surveys, looking at memes and gossip on the internet and occasionally going to the gym.

That was the first time she realised she had missed Thursday too. Where did the days go?

Grace planned to slow down on the weekend, except that was gone in a flash. By the time she’d done the housework, the shopping, had her hair done, and met friends for drinks, it was Monday again.

Except this time it was Wednesday. Time continued…

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4 Responses to Flash Fiction 12 – Missed Days

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    A great story. Thanks for the alert =)

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