Guest Post – By J. S. Collyer

J. Guay, writer of brilliant paranormal fiction and many other things gave me the opportunity to do a guest post for his blog 😀 here it is, musings on characterisation and Christian Bale 🙂 enjoy and do have a good old snoop around J. Guay’s blog. Some spiffing stuff to be found!

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Today I’m busy writing my thesis. Rather than bore you with the details of kidney disease in mice, my new friend science fiction writer, and blogger Jex Collyer will entertain and inform you on the importance of character development. Enjoy!

What Would Batman Do? Making Your Characters Human

By J. S. Collyer

I think everyone loves stories, or needs them, in some shape or form, whether they be TV series, movies, books, or articles on which celebrity fell into what ditch over the weekend and what they were (or weren’t) wearing at the time. Stories, no matter the sort, are powerful because they take us out of ourselves and give us another reality, another possibility, a window into another world.

Those among us who lean towards genre fiction like sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal or anything even slightly out of kilter with reality, arguably take it a step further than most: not…

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6 Responses to Guest Post – By J. S. Collyer

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  2. Pingback: Guest Post – By J. S. Collyer |

  3. D. James Fortescue says:

    Great stuff J =)

    Half-tempted to bounce some characters off you to see what you think =)

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