Fun, Funny, Heartbreaking, Heartfelt – Book Review of ‘Yesterday Road’ by Kevin Brennan

‘Yesterday Road’ but Kevin Brennan – available now in e-book format from Amazon

I am often after different sorts of things from different sorts of books but I always, always crave character, emotion and integrity. Yesterday Road abounded with all three of these things.

The premise is relatively simple, as all the best premises are: Jack, an eighty-something man, finds himself stood at the side of a road and with nothing except a name: Linda and a destination: east. Everything between him and these things is a series of yesterdays that will drift away like smoke from his fingers. But one thing he is sure of: he cannot give up and he won’t stop until he finds her.

The series of both fortunate and unfortunate events that unfold had me glued to the page. I wanted to find out where he was going as much as he did. I wanted to make sure he kept hold of what he was after and found ways to keep going. Above all I wanted to see him find his tomorrow.

The beauty of Yesterday Road lies in its characters. Every last person in it was so real and so human that I identified with them, no matter how disparate their background and motivations.  In their own ways, mainly to do with how the interact with Jack, they made my heart sore. I felt for all of them. No mean feat from a narrative point of view.

The language is light and airy, so skilfully executed that the reader is constantly engaged but at no point smothered, despite the very real and somewhat heavy subject matters it touches on. It is literary fiction at it’s most beautifully handled, fun and well-paced, engaging, emotional and human. Highly recommended for anyone after something touching, interesting, real and heartfelt.

To find out more about Kevin Brennan, (including more about his other works such as Our Children Are Not Out Children which I have also reviewed) check out his always interesting and often entertaining writing blog. All sorts on their for Indie Writers, Indie Publishers and in general anyone who likes fiction.

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7 Responses to Fun, Funny, Heartbreaking, Heartfelt – Book Review of ‘Yesterday Road’ by Kevin Brennan

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  2. I am currently reading Yesterday Road and totally agree with you. Nice review

  3. 1WriteWay says:

    What a great review! You sum up Yesterday Road very nicely 🙂

  4. Awesome review Jex. I already castigated myself on Kevin’s blog for slacking on reading this. It’ll be the next one I pick up.

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