First review for ‘All Hail The New Flesh’

Short Sci Fi Anthology, out Sat 25th Jan 2014

The first review for All Hail the New Flesh is up and it’s a good’un:

‘…after reading “All Hail the New Flesh”, I have developed the view that new authors do have the capacity to spit out of themselves stories that imaginatively dig into the human psyche and pervert it.’

Tell me you’re not intrigued!

Read Kimi Small’s full review here.

My short story Isaac Heights (extract here) about a newly-qulified doctor trying to make a difference in a psychiatric hospital for androids, made it into this collection, alongside some really great talent. I’m beyond chuffed to have got into these second of Dagda Publishing‘s SciFi anthologies and I can’t wait to get my claws in the other fiction.

It is out this Saturday on Amazon in both e-book and paperback 🙂

Get those clicking fingers ready!

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7 Responses to First review for ‘All Hail The New Flesh’

  1. How great! I’m trying to wrap my head around neurotic androids, though… 😉

  2. 1WriteWay says:

    Congratulations on the review!

  3. Woohoo! Will definitely pick up a copy Jex.

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