How to Write a Great Author Blog AND Avoid Huge Ships

Anyone who writes, blogs or promotes their own work can learn a lot from Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Blogging is THE most resilient form of social media and one of the best tools to build an author platform. Why? Readers read blogs. Perfect snare for readers. We also own our blogs, whereas content posted on Facebook and Twitter (and other social sites) is no longer exclusively ours, meaning these sites could rearrange the digital furniture and take our posts/archives with them.

If Twitter flitters and FB implodes, blogs will remain. Blogs will continue to grow over time, and search engines LOVE them. Blogs have been going strong since the 90s. Blogging also makes us better, faster, cleaner writers and they can be harvested later for books (I.e. to use as promotion).

Whenever I teach writers about blogging, my first challenge is to talk them off the ledge from panic. What do I TALK about? I have no IDEAAAAASSSS!

*breathes into paper bag*

And I truly understand this panic, because…

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2 Responses to How to Write a Great Author Blog AND Avoid Huge Ships

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Great post by Kirsten. Those product reviews were hilarious! =D

    • She’s a good egg. Though it’s a little ironic that she’s telling people to only use their blogs to post the creative side of everything when her blog and those like Chuck Wendig are pretty much exclusively about ‘how to writer/be a writer’. But I guess they’re actively recruiting an audience of writers whereas folks like you and me, though obviously I love talking to and blogging and discussing things with writers, we also want to colelct *readers*.

      You do exactly right with your blog actually, D J, as does Anneque: you post stories, and stuff you’re reading and stuff you’re writing, as well as stuff *about* reading and writing. I do post stories but might have to think long term about how much I post actually about the writing process if I want to recruit more readers long term.

      It’s still early days for me though yet. Something more for me to consider once there’s a few books out tehre to market maybe!

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