Readers Hating Other Readers

Something really worth thinking about. It’s very easy to try and score points or feel better superior because you don’t like/agree/enjoy something, be it music, literature or lifestyle choice. But it only takes the same mount of effort and is ultimately more rewarding to embrace the things you do enjoy and focus on the positive things that influence and encourage you.

Anyone can dislike something: there will be people out there that dislike the things/people/entertainment you love. I’m all for discussion and debate, but tearing things down for the sake of it, who does that benefit? Does it even benefit the one doing the tearing down? By all means open a discussion, have an opinion, but to actually pour effort into expressing hate…that’s just sad.

Life becomes far richer when you express yourself through the things that you love, the things you think are good, the things that make you what they are, rather than what you are not.

There’s room for manoeuvre, especially as a writer and a reader. You don’t have to love everything, but very rarely do you actually need to hate anything.

Shannon A Thompson

We live in an era of hate. Instead of praising our favorite singers, we are tearing down one that doesn’t even matter to us. Instead of leaving a 5-star review on one of our favorite books, we are leaving a 1-star review on the recently highlighted one. Instead of looking up neat dance videos, we are watching a series of YouTube flicks of people falling down during their wedding day. For every person who loves something, there are ten people who are trying to tear it down just for fun.

At some point, it became “cool” to “hate” on whatever is out there – generally the latest, most popular-selling item. I could write about all kinds of hate in our culture, but I would rather focus on the “hating” that is happening between readers. I want to clarify that I realize most people do not participate in this hating. It’s often…

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2 Responses to Readers Hating Other Readers

  1. Gwen Stephens says:

    Makes me wonder if this is a new phenomenon, or if it’s just more public nowadays?

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