Flash in a Flash – Super-Weeny #FlashForFriday

Traditionally I produce a new piece of Flash Fiction (short story 1000 words or under) every fortnight for my own personal bit of fun that is #FlashForFriday. I posted Confined last Friday, but I have since discovered a rather delightful blog called Flash! Friday which has prompted me to post something this week too.

Seems the idea of flashing on a Friday, as it were, is not unique to me, which is great. We ALL want fun-sized fiction at the end of the week!

Amongst many other competitions and challenges, Flash! Friday appear to do a weekly photo-prompt challenge, posting the picture early on a Friday morning, Washington DC time, and you have that day to post a response. These ficlets have a word limit of 150, which means they really are fun-sized. It’s a great writing excercise and jolly good fun to boot.

Check out the blog if you want to find out more and see below for today’s photo prompt and my bite-sized response.




“Pete, will you let me see?”

“He’s nearly landed.”

“Let me see.”

“He’s down,” Pete said, lowering the binoculars. “A mile south. Maybe less.”

“Where do you think he came from?” Millie said, straining to scan the spread of pine below the cabin where the parachute had crumpled out of sight.

“There’s smoke over there,” Pete said, pointing. “I reckon a plane went down.”

“Wow. How long has it been?”

“Must be nearly three years since that hiker.”

“And he was bloody stringy. No meat whatsoever.”

“Don’t worry, this guy’s army or something. They build them big.” Pete smiled at his wife. “Shall we go greet him?”

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8 Responses to Flash in a Flash – Super-Weeny #FlashForFriday

  1. “It’s what’s for dinner…” 🍗

  2. M. C. Dulac says:

    Ot oh – friendly locals!

    I love “flash for Friday”! I’m off on my own little flash-fiction dance but I always love checking out all the responses to these photo prompts!

  3. D. James Fortescue says:

    Oooh, ominous! Let’s hope the dude coming in isn’t Shane Schofield; Millie and Pete will be in trouble then >)

    Great work with few words Jex =)

  4. 1WriteWay says:

    Oh, my … “bloody stringy”! Jex, you are Mistress of the Flash 🙂

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