A Very Unwelcome Swamp


dilettante factory

Hello darlings. A little while ago, I introduced you to my friend Jim Squires who is running the Kickstarter campaign to help launch Memoirs of a Dilettante.

Well, last night, something awful happened to Jim and his family — the sewer on his street backed up, and now his basement, where his elderly father lives, is now under a foot and a half of swamp water (to put it nicely).

They had to evacuate, and while I’m doing everything I can to help him out — I’m going down tonight to see if I can salvage anything from his basement, and whatever other help he needs — it can’t be helped but think that while I’m helping Jim, Jim can’t be helping me.

I know, darlings, it seems silly — and really it is. Jim’s been working really hard to make this a success, and when he actually apologized to…

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