Publication Announcment: Debut Novel ‘Zero’ due for release August 2014

I promised you an announcement, and here it is…and it’s a hum-dinger!

I can confirm that my debut Science Fiction novel, Zero, has been accepted for publication by the wonderful Dagda Publishing and is due for release August 2014. Chuffed doesn’t even begin to cover it. There are lasers and spaceships and drama and intrigue and I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it was to write and to have it sent out into the world is just the icing on the space-laser cake.

You can see the official publication announcement here and yuo can also sign up for Dagda Publishing’s Newletter through their website for updates! There will be artwork reveals, teasers, all sorts!

You can also now ‘like’ my official Facebook page where I shall be posting updates and artwork as and when and plenty of joyous waffling. 

Zero is my very own, epic pirates-in-space romp and I hope people will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing!

Have a gander at the synopsis and see that you think:


Zero: Synopsis

Kaleb Hugo is every­thing an offi­cer of the Ser­vice should be: loyal, expertly trained, unques­tion­ing. He has done every­thing ever ordered of him and has done so with a pride that comes from know­ing you are fight­ing for the good of humankind…until the day that he made a deci­sion, as he has had to many times before to ensure the best out­come for the Ser­vice, but in direct vio­la­tion of regulations.

A bat­tle was won, but Hugo was con­demned and dishonorably dis­charged for going against orders and risk­ing him­self and his unit to save an inhab­ited satel­lite that had been deter­mined as an accept­able loss.

Offi­cially, anyway.

Unof­fi­cially, Hugo has been noticed by Admiral Pharos and re-​​assigned to cap­tain the crew of the Zero, an eight-​​man craft clas­si­fied as, at best, a pri­va­teer ship and at worst a smug­gling and bor­der­line crim­i­nal enter­prise ves­sel. What very few peo­ple besides Pharos know is that the Zero, and its crew, are con­tracted by the Ser­vice. Their role is to inves­ti­gate and infil­trate the less savoury lev­els of soci­ety. They sell on, buy in, bar­gain, threaten and report back on every­thing the polit­i­cal lev­els the Ser­vice don’t offi­cially want to know about.

The Zero’s rag-​​tag crew look to their com­man­der, Ezekiel Webb, as their leader and mid­dle­man between the reg­i­mented expec­ta­tions of the Ser­vice and the harsh and unpre­dictable demands of the under­world of colo­nial space. Captain and commander clash, but they will have to learn to fight together if the Zero is to survive.

But the undercover crew is pulled into an Orbit-​​wide game of pol­i­tics, deceit and cor­rup­tion which will threaten to tear them apart as well as throw human­ity back into a cycle of war and destruc­tion. To pre­serve the frag­ile peace, Hugo, Webb and the crew will have to over­come per­sonal tragedy, insur­mount­able odds and every cruel depraved twist of fate that the Orbit can throw at them and Hugo will end up having to go against every­thing he has ever believed in to save his crew and bil­lions of inno­cent peo­ple.

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31 Responses to Publication Announcment: Debut Novel ‘Zero’ due for release August 2014

  1. Chris says:

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

  2. Green Embers says:

    This looks fun. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. D. James Fortescue says:

    OMFG! I am more chuffed than Thomas overloaded with coal! I sensed something special when I read the first couple of excerpts. That Dagda saw it too is inexplicably awesome =D

    Doing a quiet super happy dance for you in the front room =D

  4. 1WriteWay says:

    This is SO AWESOME!! I am also doing a happy dance (but in my chair since I’m at work 🙂 ) CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Oloriel says:

    Awesome news! Congratulations to you and I wish you great victories! 😀

  6. I knew it would be something like this! Muchas congrats, and I’m sure you’ll have success with it. Can’t wait to read.

    Will it be available as an ebook or strictly paper?

    If I know you, the sequel is already well under way…

  7. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Congrats, again, darling. The story sounds fantastically exciting! Can’t wait.

  8. jabe842 says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! Well done!!! 🙂

  9. Alison J. McKenzie says:

    Congrats! You must feel incredible.

  10. Gwen Stephens says:

    Exciting indeed. Many congratulations!

  11. Smoph says:

    Congratulations! Big achievement. Hope you have a suitably fabulous celebration planned!

  12. M. C. Dulac says:

    Yayyyy!!!! I knew it! I’ll be there queuing outside the virtual bookshop in August! Yayyy! Little dance time!

  13. Yeesh Jex, I am so behind. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. What great news. Very excited to pick it up when it comes out. The story sounds right up my alley.

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