‘Brian’ – New #FlashForFriday

I am away visiting my family this week and managed to only leave myself about 20 minutes for this week’s #FlashForFriday, so here it is! A Bit of harmless fun 🙂 Enjoy!

(For previous contributions to #FlashForFriday, see my Flash Fiction page)



“I told you this was a bad idea.”


“I said – ”

“You said nothing of the kind. Now stop moaning and help me.”

Tony grumbled in reply as he stooped and grabbed the other end of the heavy, shapeless bundle. “Someone will miss him. I’m telling you now.”

“Not until the next big game,” growled Ben, but Tony didn’t like the way he wouldn’t look at him. “And by then it will be too late. Christ, he’s heavy.”

They heaved the bundle up into the car boot.

“And another thing,” Tony said. “Why do we have to use my car?”

“He’s not going to fit in the Mazda now, is he? Seriously, Tony. Good idea or not, this is what’s happening. Can we try and keep it together? The lake’s not far.”

“What if they do, like…you know…tests?”


“Like on the telly. DNA tests and what not.”

Ben rolled his eyes. “You watch too much TV. Now hurry up.”

Tony didn’t move but chewed his lip and stared at the bundle in his boot. Ben shut it with a bang. “Come on. The sooner we get to the lake, the sooner all this is over.”

Tony climbed into the driver’s seat, muttering.

“What now?” Ben hissed as he strapped in.

“We’ll be lucky if we keep our heads for this.”

“Don’t be an idiot,” Ben said. “We planned it all perfectly. And it’s like we said: no one liked him anyway. Even if they did find out it was us, they’d thank us.”

“Coach Dawson wouldn’t.”

“Coach Dawson’s an arse,” Ben replied. “And I bet he hated the bugger every bit as much as we did.”

Tony felt a smile creep up his face as he pulled the car out onto the main road. “Do you think…you know?”


Tony’s smile widened. “Do you think he was ever made to wear him?”

Something like a smile twitched the corner of Ben’s mouth too. “Maybe. Maybe that’s why he makes us do it.”

“That’s the way he thinks alright. Sadistic bastard.”

“Well not any more,” Ben said, stretching and grinning. “We dump him in the lake, weighted down with some stones and no one will have to do it again.”

Tony was in a much better mood by the time they got to the lake. They heaved the bundle out of the boot and opened the sacking to tuck in some rocks. Fake fur and the blue velvet of the Rangers’ uniform were poked back into the sacking with the stones. A great, plastic eye peered out at Tony as he readjusted the sack but he just pulled it all together again and helped Ben hump it down to the shore.

They swung it back and forth three times to get some momentum then flung the bundle out into the water. It landed with a splash and then began to disappear with a series of gurgles.

“Brian the Beaver,” muttered Ben, shaking his head. “Worst mascot ever.”

“And I swear it had fleas,” Tony said with a shudder.

“Job well done,” Ben said, smacking his teammate on the back. “Now let’s get back before they notice we’re gone.”

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8 Responses to ‘Brian’ – New #FlashForFriday

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Nice bait and switch, darling. Your reveal was excellent… just a bit at a time.

  2. Ah, you really had me going there! And in 12 minutes? That’s like 10 seconds per line! A new world record!!!

  3. D. James Fortescue says:

    Nice fake-out. Epic twenty-minute effort =)

  4. M. C. Dulac says:

    Love it! Started smiling from the first line!

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