Novel teasers, Horror Fiction, oh my!

Just a super quick post today, that I actually mean to post yesterday but didn’t have time to, *smacks wrist*, but hopefully you will see why.

I had planned to do a post on theme, something I’ve been thinking a lot about with Zero, my debut ScFi novel (oh yes, that’s right, I‘m going to be published, baby!) coming out soon and having another potential two novels in the series mapped out, not to mention an whole new series after that. Theme is very important. It is something that can tie long fiction together, giving it structure, flow and form. It’s what makes the difference between a random series of events and a satisfying narrative arc.

BUT I simply just haven’t had time to write the post. And here’s why!

First, Dagda Publishing asked me for a new piece of Flash Fiction for the Friday Flash Fiction Feature (enough fs for you?) which they do on their blog. And I thought it would be a great opportunity to do another teaser for Zero. So head on over to their blog to check out Promise – another side story/teaser/ficlet from the Zero universe.

You can also find another similar snippet, Downtime, on my Flash Fiction page. This, again, is a side story from the novel and good for giving you an idea of the sort of book Zero shall be.

As well as this, my horror short story Wasteland has been featured in this month’s Siren’s Call e-zine. If you like your darkness and your disaster, do check it out. The Old School Horror edition of the e-zine can be downloaded from their website, or here’s the direct link to the PDF (Oh, yeah…IT’S FREE). It features lots and lots of deliciously sinister fiction as well as some great editorials and essays.

It’s Saturday and the weather’s pants, so make a brew and curl up with some Old School Horror nastiness and here’s a good little tune to listen to whilst you do so:

I, on the other hand, am now returning to the draft of my second novel, which I shall keep schtum about for now until I know a little more about it myself. But I will say that I’m 33,000 words in and things are getting intense! And I shall return next week with that post on theme!

Happy weekend all.

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