Crime Story, E-book Giveaways and More!

Well, I’m back from my weekend at Crime Story, a great weekend in Newcastle run by New Writing North about crime writing. It included panel discussions and workshops with everything from forensic psychologists to established crime writers and former prisoners. It was brilliant, not only informative but really interesting  and I’ve come away with a good working knowledge of the policing, investigative and legal systems in this country that could give any crime projects in the future that edge of realism.

In fact, there might just be some such project brewing sooner than anticipated. Will keep you in the loop

Also worth staying in the loop for is all that is being put in place for the upcoming release of Zero, my first novel. This includes, among other things, a kickstarter campaign to raise marketing funds which could potentially include some  pretty awesome merchandise. It might just seem awesome to me because I’ve never had anything with merchandise before, mind you, but either way, rest assured you will hear all about this as soon as it is finalised. We’re aiming to launch the kickstarter around the 20th June so stay tuned to see what Zero goodies might be available! (Zero x-ray goggles, anyone?)

In the meantime, progress is picking up on my draft of Zero’s potential sequel, Haven. It’s great fun to be drafting again, though it seems that it doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it’s still bloody hard work not to edit as you go. I know beyond all certainty that drafting is about  getting the story down and not about perfect writing. But ignoring the bad language and plot holes makes the perfectionist in me itch. I keep reminding myself of the aim of the game, however, and am motoring on.

Haven is currently at 40,000 words so I estimate I’m just shy of a third of a way through the first draft. The plan is to have the first draft done, hopefully by the end of summer, but at the latest by the end of the year. By which time Zero will have been released and it will be time to start thinking about other prospects.

Another great bit of news it that my publisher, Dagda Publishing, (who accept submissions for both fiction and poetry, by the way) celebrated the first anniversary of their launch this week. To celebrate this they are currently having a giveaway on ALL their e-book fiction. What’s particularly exciting is that this includes dystopian scifi short fiction anthologies Tuned to a Dead Channel (American link here) and All Hail the New Flesh (American link here), both of which include short stories by yours truly.

By the by, you can check out my publications page for more details on the stories in these anthologies, as well as where else you can find my published fiction. If you want some FREE fiction to sample, I have lots  on my Short Fiction page, ranging from horror to Christmas stories and back again. My Flash Fiction page also links to more original fiction, this time in delightful bite-sized story chunks 1000 words or under. Perfect for a tea break! GO NUTS.

Oh, one not so great bit of news is that Dagda Pubishing’s offer is only on until TOMORROW, Thursday 5th June, so get a clicking as fast as your fingers will carry you!

Next week you will see from me a book review of the inimitable Helena Hann Basquait’s memoirs, Vol 1. Keep your eyes peeled for this: literary and creative non-fiction fans will definitely enjoy and I’m going to be a giant tease and hint that there is a chance I might get to interview the authoress herself!

I also plan to post more fiction soon as well as teasers and excerpts from Zero, and possibly Haven too Why not?

 This is the blog that keeps on giving so do keep in touch!

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4 Responses to Crime Story, E-book Giveaways and More!

  1. Glad to hear Crime Story was so profitable. Things are also sounding positive on the writing front, so way to go Jex! Really looking forward to “Zero”

    • Thanks, Phillip! I’ve have just today had a chance to look at the formatted manuscript. It looks so real 😀 I re-read the end and nearly cried. If folk enjoy reading it even a tenth as much as I enjoyed writing it, we’re onto a winner 😀

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