Yesterday I put up a post to introduce Dagda Publishing’s Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money to market my debut scifi novel Zero. Since it went live yesterday afternoon, the campaign has already raise £310!

This is incredible. I’m staggered. I’m so greatful and so happy for Dagda. This money will not only mean pledgers will get all sorts of randomly awesome Zero merch (oh yeah, I my book has merch!) but also that the publisher will have the budget to market my novel far and wide. It gives Zero a real chance and I’m so pleased it’s already going so well.

Some hardcore fan has even already snapped up the £150 signed, framed copy of the cover art! Thanks, Anonymous!

You can read the synopsis for Zero right here on my wordpress and if you think it might be something you fancy (space pirates, cities on the moon and giant LASERS, anyone?), head on over to the campaign and see what’s still available. You can pre-order anything from the ebook to signed copies to bundles with mugs and mouse mats!

Official release is August 2014 for Amazon distrubtion (ebook ad paperback) if you would prefer the traditional route, but here’s me doing the promotion video for the campaign if you want to find out a little more about it.

(Listen out for my cat, Marley, mewing right at the end!)

Thanks EVERYONE. This is amazing. Most of all, I hope everyone enjoys the book!

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2 Responses to WOWSER

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Well deserved success Miss Collyer. Keep up the awesome work, and I hope the project pays off beautifully. Begging my wife for some money now =)

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