Book Launches, Crowdfunding Success, Oh My!

My chuffedness barely fits into words. Ok, I know chuffedness isn’t a word, but I required a whole new word to encompass how royally chuffed I am.

Dagda Publishing launched a Crowdfunding campaign last week for raise money for the marketing budget for my first novel, Zero. There are some really great perks, including the opportunity to pre-order signed copies as well as hats, mugs and framed posters…and we SMASHED the target of £1,500 within 24 hours.

I’m still reeling. I’m staggered by people’s support and generosity, not to mention giddy with excitement that Dagda, an independent publisher that prides itself on making opportunities for new writers, now has the means to ensure that readers everywhere who might enjoy Zero have the chance to discover it.

Do not fear: if you are still hankering after some geek-tastic merch, there is still plenty available. You also get the chance to see me attempt a promotional video, which is worth checking out for a laugh if nothing else.

But it doesn’t end there!

Zero is getting its very own BOOK LAUNCH at Fantasticon – a UK gaming & science fiction convention in Hull on Sat Aug 16th 2014. This will be the official release, the ebook and paperback will go live on Amazon the same day and I will be at the convention, hardcopies in hand, to sign copies and dance around in a giddy and over-excited fashion.

There are lots of awesome things happening at Fantasticon (Facebook event here) and tickets are an extremely reasonable £10 for the day. I’ve also heard tell of a competition running soon for two free tickets so stay tuned for more details.

If you are in the UK and like science fiction, it’s well worth checking out and if you decide to come along, please do come and say hello! I will have cupcakes 🙂

Here’s the video trailer for the convention – watch closely, you get to see my face TWICE!

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6 Responses to Book Launches, Crowdfunding Success, Oh My!

  1. So awesome! You done good, JS! Fantasticon sounds a terrific way to launch a book; be sure to take pictures of the convention for those of us not in attendance. 🙂

  2. D. James Fortescue says:

    Congrats on Genna Bain (aka Mrs TotalBiscuit) chipping in such a substantial amount. She has a great eye for promising talent =)

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