I want to join the Lunar Independence League!!!

Wonderful post by fellow blogger and novelist Eric Nolan about my upcoming release, Zero. He sums up the premise wonderfully and I’m so excited to find him so excited!

Eric Robert Nolan, Author

Because, dammit, that’s the kind of rebel I am.

Which side will you pick?  Service? Then this blog might not be the best place for you, because I have some authority issues.

The universe of J.S. Collyer’s upcoming “Zero” sounds downright intriguing — it’s got an interesting and well constructed setup, and what sounds like a hell of a lot of great world-building and complex character interaction, not to mention a troubled hero that is precisely the kind of protagonist that I like to read about.  Jex has a real corker of a story for her debut science fiction novel.

Meet her at the link below, where she talks about her new book, and Dagda Publishing’s new marketing campaign to give “Zero” the visibility it deserves.

Seriously, it sounds like pure fun.  If you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan like me, you might be jonesing for some fallible heroes and complex…

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2 Responses to I want to join the Lunar Independence League!!!

  1. M. C. Dulac says:

    I am so excited about the release of “Zero” there is a good chance I might BURST! Love the new blog design!

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