Look for me and you shall find!

Hello all!

Just a very quick post, as momentum is picking up, just to recap when and where you can find me should you wish to, whether it be my fiction, my pictures, my tweets or my FACE.

1. I now have an author page on Goodreads! You can ‘become a fan’, how cool is that?

2. My very first novel release, epic SciFi romp Zero, has its own Goodreads page also. You can add to your ‘to-read’ lists and see the advance reviews to get an idea of how it’s being received by the space-pirate-loving populace! (One 5* review on there already, woohoo!)

3. For synopsis, details and links to side-stories, teasers and excerpts, check out the Zero page right here on The Path!

4. I have a shiny Facebook page which you can like by following this link. I use it to post updates, pictures, articles and anything else interesting I find relating to the world of fiction and SciFi. Pictures from some of my upcoming events shall go up here too!

5. Similarly, you can follow me on Twitter (@JexShinigami) for more of the same 😀

6. Zero is set to launch into Orbit at its very own book launch at FantastiCon 2014, SciFi and Gaming convention in Hull, UK on Sat 16th Aug! I shall be there selling and signing copies, with Zero cupcakes for the first few buyers! When I’m not jumping the queue to have my photo taken on a Star Wars speeder against an Endor Forest Moon backdrop, that is. Expect pictures and tweets! Here’s the event trailer. Look out for my FACE (it’s there, trust me!).


7. For anyone who is in the North West of England, I shall be in The Novel Cafe in Lancaster, a wonderful cafe/bookshop, with paperbacks to sign and sell the weekend after the launch, Sat 23rd Aug from 10am. Do come by and say hello. Come for the space pirates…stay for the coffee cake! Facebook event with full details here.

8. And last, but not least, there is still 16 days left on Zero‘s crowdfunding marketing campaign, with many perks still available to pre-order, like signed copies and ebook-USB-stick bundles containing EXCLUSIVE extra material. Click here to see what’s still available (signed poster has gone I’m afraid!) and to see my promotional video 🙂 All the cash goes towards marketing the novel (there has been some rather exciting mumblings about certain SciFi magazines which I’m keeping my fingers crossed for) which means people everywhere can find out about the book and also helps Dagda Publishing continue to support and promote new writers.

Thanks for everything, everyone. A writer is nothing without their readers, so it’s undeniable that I wouldn’t be here without all your support and encouragment, as well as your willingness to read my fiction. Cheers to you all! And I’m not even close to done yet, so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Look for me and you shall find!

  1. M. C. Dulac says:

    This is so awesome! If I wasn’t on the other side of the planet I’d be there! (But I am reading Zero and loving it!!!!)

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