Zero by J. S. Collyer – A Review

Another review for ‘Zero’ has landed! And I’m beaming all over my face. A massive thank you to Helena and everyone who is into paranormal, horror, litarary and any fiction with a bit of grit and integrity should go and check out what she has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

dilettante factory

Zero CoverMy earliest memories of science fiction all revolve around Wookies and green-skinned aliens, and having to learn different languages or else read sub-titles. As a child, I enjoyed the space-battles and futuristic technology, but for some reason, never got into reading this genre. For me, it was always more visual, perhaps because a lot of those stories were created to showcase new techniques in special effects.

So, how does a writer carry a story full of action without the benefit of CGI and a John Williams score?

Well, in the case of Zero by J.S. Collyer, the answer begins with the characters she creates. This begins as the story of Captain Hugo, a disgraced starship captain whose career is seemingly over, following questionable actions he made, following his heart instead of blindly following orders.

This immediately endears him to the reader — who doesn’t love someone who breaks the rules…

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4 Responses to Zero by J. S. Collyer – A Review

  1. Awesome review! Can’t wait for my copy… 😀

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