Get Ready For the Launch…

It’s coming folks. Engines ready. Rockets fuelled. Pre-launch checks complete.

Zero gets released Saturday 16th August, a week on Saturday. Oh yes. The Zero and her crew will be sent forth to chart their own course. I could sit here and tell you everything this makes me think and feel but I don’t think there’s enough data allowance on WordPress.

In short, I’m super excited and super terrified. But overall, excited. My story of Captain Kaleb Hugo and his crew will be out there for the world to enjoy and this is everything I have ever dreamed of since I first wrote ‘Once upon a time’ in the beginning of an exercise book in primary school.

There’s already been positive feedback, which has really made me glow. It’s so wonderful finding out people enjoy your work after you’ve worked so hard on it. Hopefully more people will feel the same once it’s loose on Amazon.

I’m bracing myself for the first bad review. It will come, I know it will. You can’t please everyone, after all. I’m prepared and hopefully I’ll learn from it too. But this is the ‘terrifying’ part.

But, whatever happens, I hope Zero finds its audience and then who’s to say what will happen next.

(To see the reviews so far as well as synopsis etc, check out the Goodreads!)

So, first things first: the launch! Zero gets its very own launch at Fantasticon – a SciFi, Fantasy and Gaming convention in Hull, Yorkshire, Sat 16th August 2014, at which I have a table of my very own. I have commissioned cupcakes for the first twelve purchasers of the book and my other half has said I can take his LASERS.

This is going to be quite an event! I was never going to do my first book launch by half.

This will be followed by a more local booksigning at the Novel Cafe in Lancaster on Sat 23rd. If you’re in the area, do swing by and say hello! Come for the space pirates, stay for the cake!

Wish me luck, everyone! And follow me on Facebook and Twitter for all the pictorial and literary fun!

I’ll leave you with a suitably apt, as well as completely awesome summertime track.

Later, dudes! See you in orbit!

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5 Responses to Get Ready For the Launch…

  1. Glad to see the good reviews on Goodreads. One mentioned wanting to see your book as a game, which I hadn’t thought of before, but, damn, such a good idea! Might be time for you to start thinking about franchising!

  2. I’ll be there in spirit, Jex! And try not to sweat the bad reviews. They tend to fall into two categories: You either learn something that can improve your writing or you learn that not everyone is your target audience. Some (crazy) people will just never like chocolate…

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