I Gone And Done An Actual Book!

Zero will be available in paperback and ebook through Amazon from 16.8.14

Zero will be available in paperback and ebook through Amazon from 16.8.14

The paperbacks for my first ever novel, Zero, arrived this week from the publisher. I couldn’t get the boxes open fast enough. The book looks beautiful. I mean, I know I’m biased and have a certain amount of emotional investment in this little baby, but, seriously, the publisher, cover artist and printers have done the most amazing job.

This was the most amazing feeling. This time last year I was half way through drafting the thing with no clue as to what the end result would be, and yet here we are!

Zero is an epic SciFi romp set in the not-too-distant future, a story of people forced together by circumstance faced with everything the unforgiving future has to throw at them. Read a full synopsis here. I’ve loved every second of writing this book. My biggest hope is that it brings enjoyment to others.

Reviews so far on Goodreads from advance reviewers are encouraging! One that which keeps getting mentioned that pleases me the most is the fact that the story is accessible to all: you don’t need to be a hardcore SciFi addict to enjoy it. Though hopefully the hardcore folk out there will enjoy it too. I’m just so pleased to have created a story that people can enjoy across the board and fingers crossed this feeling continues as its audience widens.

The spine is beautiful! (Sorry about the cat toys in the background)

The spine is beautiful! (Sorry about the cat toys in the background)

And just look at the things! So lovely!

I cannot wait to wheel these out at the launch this Saturday (16th) at SciFi, Fantasy & Gaming Convention Fantasticon. (Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for pics and updates from the event!) I’ll also be in The Novel Cafe, Lancaster on Sat 23rd August with copies to sell & sign too. This event has the added bonus of The Novel Cafe’s excellent selection of cakes, teas and coffees on hand.

It’s all starting to feel real. The event organisers at Fantasticon are emailing me with time slots for my reading and my stall details. Masses of people are letting me know how and when they’re coming for their copy. It’s…amazing.

But it definitely feels like the beginning. Definitely a great beginning, but a beginning none the less. This is certainly just the start.

Where will it go from here? Let’s find out, shall we? 😀

Chuffed doesn’t begin to cover it. See you at Fantasticon!


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6 Responses to I Gone And Done An Actual Book!

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Just posted my review on Goodreads. Will head on over to Amazon, too! Congrats again!

  2. D. James Fortescue says:

    That kicks many butts =)

  3. Wow, how awesome! There’s nothing like getting a box of YOUR OWN BOOKS!

    BTW, it looks like quite the hefty doorstop. Can’t wait to dig in… Oh, and have a terrific launch day. You’ll remember it forever.

    • Thanks do much, Kevin! This is so unreal but so exciting. I can’t wait for the launch 😀 😀

      Yes it’s relatively epic! Not as long as Fellowship of the Ring, but not far off!!

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