WE HAVE BLAST OFF – Fantasticon launches ‘Zero’ into orbit!


I employed my 'come and buy my book' hypo-stare to good effect at Fantasticon!

I employed my ‘come and buy my book’ hypo-stare to good effect at Fantasticon!

Zero has taken off with a blast! Not only is my first novel (mainly about the adventures of space pirates) now available on Amazon, but I also attended Fantasticon, Hull, for my very own launch and had an absolutely amazing time.

Not only was I sat alongside other Fantastic Books Publishing SciFi & Fantasy authors like Stuart Aken and Linda Acaster, but also authors that had written books set in the universe of the massively popular (as well as epic) computer game Elite: Dangerous. This whole event was a testament to what people can achieve when they care. These authors & publisher all raised money to buy licenses in order to write novels set in the universe of the game that so inspired them, as well as to pay for publishing and putting on this event to promote them.

First 12 buyers got a 'Zero' cupcake! These blasted off, I can tell you!

First 12 buyers got a ‘Zero’ cupcake! These rocketed off the plate, I can tell you

Every single person was friendly, encouraging, passionate and welcoming. I knew very little about Elite: Dangerous, but was welcomed with open arms by all the fans as well as organisers and other authors and no one hesitated to answer my questions or further my understanding. In turn, everyone was curious about me as well as Zero and I almost entirely sold out of copies!

The cupcakes all went too!

There was a Darlek and full-immersive 3D Occulus Rift games sets to play Elite on, or to just sit through the amazing fantasy-style demo, as well as an indie cinema, cosplay prizes, Dr Who actors and much, much more.

It was wonderful learning about this world of SciFi I was previously unaware of, as well as meeting so many SciFi fans that were not only generous in spirit but keen to discover new things. Many people not only bought my paperbacks but downloaded the e-book as well.

Fantasticon, in short, was fantastic and a massive shout out to the organisers for pulling such a great event together. This was their first one, but I’m certain there will be many more.

Dom and Becky cheering my on!

Dom and Becky cheering me on!

I also have to give a massive shout of thanks to my wonderful friends, Becky Hill, Dom Hayward and Liz Crewe, as well as my partner and glamorous assistant Andy McBain, for not only travelling across the Pennines to come and support me, but who all bought the book, supplied me with hotel-priced pints, cheered me on during my (rather nervous!) reading and waved Zero flags during my panel interview!

Last but not at all least, I have to thank Dagda Publishing for making this all happen. From supplying beautiful paperbacks for the launch to putting up with my endless stream of edits, they have been instrumental in making my first novel a reality. I hope they get as much out of it as I do!

(If you want to support this amazing independent publisher, check out their sales page for all their releases, including Zero. There is lots to choose from!)

Andy doing his bit!

Andy doing his bit!

Fantasticon was all one could ever hope for in a book launch and I now have set myself the target of getting Zero‘s sequel, Haven, completed for next year’s con so that I may be invited back again!

Next on my events list is my book signing at the Novel Cafe, New Street, Lancaster this Saturday 23rd Aug from 10am, but if you can’t make it there and want to get hold of a copy, Zero is now available to order on Amazon.

Thanks so much EVERYONE who has helped me get this far. There is no way I’d’ve got here on me todd!

May the force be with you 🙂



I was more than a little nervous during my first reading. Everyone was very kind and attentive!

I was more than a little nervous during my first reading, but everyone was very kind and attentive

The Zero stall at Fantasticon had cupcakes, lasers and a banner!

The Zero stall at Fantasticon had cupcakes, lasers and a banner! It was all in all a fantastic day and I hope I get to go back next year!

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10 Responses to WE HAVE BLAST OFF – Fantasticon launches ‘Zero’ into orbit!

  1. Reblogged this on WHAT THE HELL and commented:
    J.S. Collyer finally had her baby! (Her book baby, that is…) Congrats, Jex, and may Zero set the universe on fire!
    (I’m wondering what flavor blue icing is…)

  2. 1WriteWay says:

    Those cupcakes look so good! Congratulations, Jex!

  3. Gwen Stephens says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations 🙂

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  5. D. James Fortescue says:

    Well done you, resisting the urge to borrow one of those disembodied Stormtrooper heads!

    Congrats on your current success, may it continue for a long time =)

  6. Anne Tweed says:

    It was very good to meet you, hear you read and buy your book. Hope to see you next year when I can buy the sequel.

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