A great big shout out not to everyone else who was involved in the collaborative effort to attempt to answer the question: ‘who is the mysterious Jessica Bell?’, but also to everyone who has followed the adventure! See this post for details on how to get the paperback and ebook of this collaboration with exclusive bonus material 😀

dilettante factory

This is just a quick post to recognize my conspirators on JESSICA week. For the illusion, I’ll not tell you who wrote what, but just know that all the credit for JESSICA does not go to me.

J.S. Collyer, Michelle Combs, Freya McMillan, Hayley Morgan, Lizzi Rogers and Hannah Sears collaborated with me on the story, and if you enjoyed it, make sure you find some way to give each of them a round of applause.

And let’s not forget those who added to the mystique with artwork leading up to JESSICA week – Sandy Ramsey, Scott (Twindaddy), Erica Allen, Serins, Selena and Nika.

And especially Hastywords, whose haunting cover teased you for the days leading up to the story.


THE MISSING PAGES: If you read JESSICA, you may have noticed that there were pages torn from the journal. The COMPLETE JESSICA (over 50 pages of new material) can now…

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