‘Haven’ Book 2 of the Orbit Series – Cover Reveal

Well here it is, my lovelies. The sequel to my first SciFi novel Zero (find out more about this swash-buckling space pirate adventure here), Haven is due for release by Dagda Publishing Oct 2015 and this shiny thing here is the cover art.

Haven, Book 2 in the Orbit Series, contiues the adventures of the Zero crew and is out Oct 2015

Haven, Book 2 in the Orbit Series, contiues the adventures of the Zero crew and is out Oct 2015

I’m so, so pleased with this cover and a huge shout out to the folks at Rock and Hill Studio for this work. If you need any design work done, do hit them up. They are very reasonable price-wise and have a great way of generating atmosphere.

‘But what’s it about?’ I hear you say.

Well…I do like to tease, as you know.

Ah, go on then…

Haven continues the adventures of Kaleb Hugo and Ezekial Webb, now faced with a New Age that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Hugo is desperate for the positive change he promised others and himself. Something pushes him over the edge and he takes on a mission that is not only dangerous but personal, determined to set at least one thing straight in this messed up and fractured Orbit, no matter the cost to himself or those around him.

Hopefully that has whet your appitite! Haven is out Oct 2015, but there have also been whispers about the possibility of pre-ordering, so I will be touting that from the rooftops as and when it comes about. I will also be looking for reviewers to sling advance copies to as well as beta readers so do let me know if you are interested in that!

And one more giant thank you to the amazing folks at Rock and Hill Studio for the amazing design and to Dagda Publishing for everything else.

Read Haven‘s official announcment & synopsis on Dagda Publishing’s website and add my Twitter or Facebook feeds for more info as it comes! To get your hands on the first book in the series, Zero, check out Amazon to order a paperback or Kindle copy.

Stay tuned for more as it comes folks! And remember I shall be at Scarborough Scifi Festival 14th/15th Mar 2015 and Yorkshire Cosplay Con 4th Apr 2015 selling & signing copies of Zero and other goodies, so do swing by for a great day out and to say hello!

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6 Responses to ‘Haven’ Book 2 of the Orbit Series – Cover Reveal

  1. Oloriel says:

    The cover looks awesome!

  2. jaurelguay says:

    Reblogged this on The J. Aurel Guay Archive and commented:
    My friend just revealed this beautiful cover for book 2 of her series!

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  4. M. C. Dulac says:

    Beta reader and ARC reviewer reporting for duty! 🙂

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