Journeying On – Blog Overhaul & More ‘Haven’ Info

My shiny new banner by Rock and Hill Studio. If you fancy displaying this banner on your social media pages, let me know!

My shiny new banner by Rock and Hill Studio. If you fancy displaying this banner on your social media pages, let me know!

Greetings everyone and a warm welcome to my new followers. Great to have you on board!

As you may have noticed I’ve done a bit of a spring clean around here…although, does it count as cleaning-up if I’ve added things?

Oh, heck. Let’s just call it an overhaul!

My WordPress is an invaluable tool for providing updates on all my projects, as well as for airing the challenges of writing and publishing and building up a catalogue of Free Short Fiction (accessible through my Short Fiction and Flash Fiction pages – there’s SciFi, horror, ghost stories, detective stories, the lot! This catalogue is partially for new readers to sample my style, but primarily for fun, so do have at it!). Today, I find myself a few steps further along the journey and at a place where it’s time for some changes.

In short, I have some shiny new pages for you to check out: 

Contact Me

With all the social media around these days, there are many and varied ways to get in touch or keep updated, depending on what you prefer to know: whether you’re after my real-time and varied thought-spouts of Twitter, or the formal info on me and my titles, such as an Amazon or Goodreads Author page, this page is a comprehensive list of links for you to use as you will to contact/keep track of me and my writing however you wish!


I have two events so far confirmed for early 2015, with a potential two more in the pipeline for later in the year. The events I attend are conventions, book signings, festivals, SciFi, Cosplay and ComicCons, all at the moment in the North of England. I will be attending with copies of my books to sell (and sign at no extra cost should you wish!), as well as some exclusive goodies and merchandise. But more important than this, I like to go to meet new and current readers, so do come by and say hi!

Keep an eye on this page for further announcements for 2015 and beyond!

The Orbit Series 

With Haven, the sequel to my first novel Zero, due for release in Oct 2015 by Dagda Publishing, I’ve made up this page to include all the details of the series so far with blurbs, links, teasers, side-stories and more.

Fans of Zero, do have a look to read some side-stories, extra info and more about Book 2, Haven. For those who have not read Book 1 yet: have a look for the blurbs and links to reviews!

For those previously unaware, the Orbit Series if my SciFi debut and follows the story of Kaleb Hugo, a military commander born into the not-too-distant future of our world, who starts to discover the establishment he serves is not as black-and-white as his upbringing would have him believe. There’s betrayal, politics, drama, action and intrigue.

Zero, Book 1 of the Orbit Series is OUT NOW on Amazon for Kindle or as paperback. If you pick up a hard copy, don’t forget to swing by one of my events to get it signed!


That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned for more info on Haven over the coming months, as well as for more announcements of more events and future projects.

May the Force be with you, fellow fiction fans! To infinity and beyond!

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    Love that graphic 🙂

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