Thunderstruck – Once More Into The Drafting Breach

It feels great to say that I have now been given a deadline (one of those wonderful, terrible, productivity-fuelling, dread-summoning, fire-under-the-pants things that we love and hate!) for my third novel (See my Orbit Series page for already released & upcoming novels).

More details of the actual book when I’m allowed to release them, but for now I’m just sharing that I shall once more heading into the drafting breach! Expect incoming rants, teases, questions, cries for help and pictures and updates from writing retreats.

I can also now say that I have made a successful start on this draft by picking the Theme Tune. Yes, that’s right. My books all have theme tunes! It is always the very first thing I like to do when facing the blank page at the beginning of a big project. I pick a song, track, piece of music, playlist or album that summons the mood, tone and feel of the narrative I’m after and everything else just flows from there.

I  hereby announce that the thumping, loud, action-packed, pulse-quickening Thunderstruck by AC/DC will be the theme tune of my next novel. I’m hoping to create a story that can generate all the same feelings the song does. In short there will be action…lots and lots of action! And passion. And EXPLOSIONS.

Stay tuned for more info as and when I can reveal it!

Enjoy the track!

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