Growing Up…Or Not

Throwback Thursday for the hell of it! Here’s an old post about sticking to what you love, feeling young at heart and not taking responsibility too seriously. With another General Election looming it has resonance and I’m pleased to say, two novels further down the line, I’m still in accordance with all these sentiments. Enjoy! And enjoy the Roxette 😀

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

Mine and my partner’s polling cards for the local election came through the door the other day. This prompted me to think about what a lot of responsibility this entails, which in turn got me to wondering whether I’m a grown up yet or not.

I certainly do a lot of things that are, on paper, adult. I pay bills, go to work, clean the house on a Thursday. I bargain hunt for the best deal on toilet roll. I call the plumber when the shower leaks and arrange for someone to be in when the new washing machine gets delivered.

I also wrote a book. My debut science fiction novel, Zero, is due to be released in August this year. WOOHOO. (Check out Dagda Publishing’s website for details on how to sign up to their newsletter for further details, as well as information on all their other publications…

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