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Throwback Thursday: here’s a post from before the release of Zero, exploring the way a theme can enhance the flavour of your book. I still believe all I’ve said here, and haev enjoyed revisiting this place before Zero’s release and reminding myself of the forces that lead to the creation of my next book, Haven. Enjoy!

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

There’s a hell of a lot to be got out of considering theme when you’re writing fiction. I’d argue that it’s hard to write something and it not have some sort of identifiable theme. A lot of the time, themes form without even having to be thought about. They’re tied to what the story is about so you can have anything and everything in even the simplest narratives: friendship, love, relationships, doubt, hope, understanding, exploration, redemption and, that guaranteed go-to concept that almost everything we do is themed by whether we mean it to or not, the delightfully ever-present Human Condition.

So, if theme can run through your narrative without you even having to try, why is it important to consider it?

Well that’s because, if you commit to taking your themes to the next level, they will escalate your writing up there to join them. Theme will give your…

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