Striking the Balance – Editing as Art rather than Science

Today’s Throwback Thursday post was great fun to revisit. It was when I was editing my first novel Zero, and now that I’m on to editing the sequel, Haven, it’s good to refresh these ideas and remind myself of why I do things the way I do!

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

Here’s a general update before I get on to my latest revelation about editing:

Some writers I know like to focus on one project at a time, but I find it beneficial to have a few irons in the fire. It means you have a way to refresh your creativity if you hit a mental cul-de-sac on your main project. A short break from something big to write a short story or flash fiction or blog post is often all you need to feel the fire again. It also means that you’re keeping your connections/networks/online presence fresh, which is not only good for expanding your audience but can be a great boost for motivation and commitment. There’s nothing quite like people reading and enjoying your writing on a regular basis to give you the confidence to motor on with the novel draft, for example. 

So I have been keeping my hand in…

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