Event confirmation: Blackpool Comic Con, 12th Sep 2015

As I discussed in my last post, Scarborough SciFi Festival was an absolute blast! It was a great event all round: wonderful location, epic venue and an atmosphere that was buzzing with excitement! I signed plenty of copies of Zero too, which was very exciting.

Next on the list is Yorkshire Cosplay Con at the Magna Science Centre in Sheffield. A slightly different event, this all revolves around Cosplay, so it will be all things film, book, computer game and more! The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to see what people are coming as. The effort and skill that goes into this hobby is often astounding.

I’ll have to think hard about what to wear! Any suggestions?

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook because there’s bound to be some amazing pictures! Did I mention I have a glamorous assistant accompanying me, dressing up as Marilyn Harvey, the spunky smuggler captain from Zero? She will be a vision in a red flightsuit and spacer boots! This is definitely going to be worth seeing, so if you’re not going to make the event, be sure to check out the pictures I post πŸ˜€

A great event for people int the North West!

A great event for people int the North West!

And, also, I can also now confirm for everyone in the North West that I have confirmed my table at Blackpool Comic Con! This is set to blast off Sat 12th Sep at the epic Winter Gardens in Blackpool. There are all sorts of amazing guests already announced with more to come. I will be there with my SciFi novel Zero, selling and signing paperback copies of the book as well as exclusive goodies and, because they went down so well at Scarborough, FREE GLOWSTICKS.

Hope to see you all there!

For details of all my other events for 2015, see my Events Page.

If you have an event that you think I would be good for, please contact me through any of the methods on my Contact Page.

Do find out more, read reviews or pick up your own copy of Zero, it is available on Amazon for Kindle or as paperback!

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