Flash for Friday!

Hey there everyone! Haven, book 2 in the Orbit Series, has officially been handed to the publisher!! It is out of my hands now and next stage is its October launch 😀 feedback from me beta reader has been good and I’m so, so excited to share the next events in the adventure with you!

In the spirit of milestones, I thought today I’d do another Throwback Thursday and, this time, it’s the first piece of Flash Fiction (fiction 1000 words or less) I ever wrote.

It’s a light-hearted piece about the difficulities of making a dishonest living in today’s world. Enjoy everyone!

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

Well it’s 560 words, so not *quite* a proper flash fiction. But something Fun For Friday. Who’s up for make Flash for Friday a regular thing? 😀

Caffeine Low

“Good morning sir. Welcome to Esquire’s City Coffee Central. How best can I meet your refreshment needs?”

The girl’s smile was so wide Harry was momentarily assaulted with the mental image of the top of her head falling off, baseball cap and all. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, palming the gun in his pocket.

“I can recommend the half and half vanilla and hazelnut skim latte, on offer today in our 12 % on Tuesdays deal, when you purchase a granola muffin or bran bar. We also offer a further 5% if you upgrade to maximo-grande with our September loyalty bonus. Have you a loyalty card?”


“I am also authorised to inform you that this week…

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