Emotion, Drama and Bromance – First Advance Review of ‘Haven’

Hi all!

The first advance review of Haven, book 2 in my Orbit Series, sequel to Zero and due for release on 24th Oct, has gone live and I just HAD to share. Thank you to the wonderful S. Lehenbauer for this wonderful review.

She is a great writer in herself so be sure to make a visit to her blog to read other reviews and to find out more about her own projects!

‘Haven by J. S. Collyer’ – Review by S. Lehenbauer

Haven, sequel to Zero, is dure for general release on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats by Dagda Publishing on Sat 24th Oct 2015

Haven, sequel to Zero, is dure for general release on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats by Dagda Publishing on Sat 24th Oct 2015

Way back at the beginning of this year, I reviewed an excellent debut novel called Zero: part Firefly, part James Bond, all awesome.

Today I am super excited to review the sequel, Haven, which will be for sale at the end of this month!

Collyer comes back to the wonderful characters she introduced in Zerowith every bit of adrenaline-soaked adventure she got me hooked on last time. While it’s not often that a sequel impresses me more than the first book, this one definitely did. Where Zero suffered a briefly laborious start, Haven jumped straight into the drama.

This means that those unfamiliar with Collyer’s work should definitely not read these out of order—no explanation is made as to who these people are. But trust me—once you read Zero, opening Haven is about as exciting as season 2 of Firefly would be.

This book is cinematic, full of breathtaking moments that had me setting my Kindle down to look around in a daze. The team of Hugo and Webb are most definitely my favorite bromance in books right now, and I want at least seventeen hundred more books featuring their adventures. The last few chapters had me holding my breath as I read, terrified that my suspicions were true (no spoilers!) and unwilling to look away for even a moment.

In short, if you like your scifi to read like an action movie, you absolutely want to get this series. Haven is coming on October 24th, just enough time to read Zero if you haven’t!

Click here to read the original review on her own site

Click here to read the review on Goodreads

Click here to be taken to Zero on Amazon

Haven is now listed on Goodreads and is due for general release in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon by Dagda Publishing on 24th Oct 2015.

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