Interview with Jex Collyer

Interview with myself by Cleve Syclox about my current projects, influences and favourite authors!



Interview with Jex Collyer

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a SciFi writer from Lancaster, UK. I’m a lifetime fan of Star Wars and have always been drawn to narratives that are larger than life. I studied creative writing to MA level and then last year released my first book, Zero, with Dagda Publishing. Zero is book one in the Orbit Series and is character-driven Scifi, described as ‘James Bond meets Firefly’. It made it into Northern Soul Magazine’s ‘Best Reads of 2014’ and the sequel, Haven, is due out on the 24th Oct, which I can’t wait for.

  1. Who are your favorite authors?

That is mighty hard to choose! But I think my absolute favourite authors aren’t actually SciFi. They were formative in developing my taste in fiction as well as my own style of writing and they are Robin Hobb of the Fantasy Farseer Series…

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2 Responses to Interview with Jex Collyer

  1. Tommy Muncie says:

    Nice to meet another Robin Hobb fan, she’s up there in my Top 5. I keep trying to read Fools Assassin but get distracted by wanting to read indies as well!

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