Happily Ever After…? (Plus a new #FlashForFriday)

For Throwback Thursday and to mark the day, here’s a Bonfire Night short from last year about what’s important to remember and what’s not 🙂

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

The concept of ‘The Ending’ is something that is kind of a big deal for a lot of fiction writers, I imagine. Poets too, most probably. Script writers as well. Heck, it’s probably something that no writer approaches lightly.

It’s the conclusion. The statement. The end. It’s that taste left in the mouth of the reader, the thought they’re left with, the place you’ve taken them too and then left them. It has a massive impact on their final conclusions about the story. So, yeah…a big deal.

For me, when ending a piece of fiction, whether writing or reading, I like closure. It doesn’t need to be all tied up tight and neat. It doesn’t even need to have answered all the questions. But it does need to have some sort of conclusion. There has to be a reason for the story to have ended at that point.

So that’s…

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